Ecological Regeneration

Ecological Regeneration is a process-oriented living systems approach to bringing back balance to our inner and outer landscape.

An ecosystem, like any living thing, can never stand still and can only be in the process—either a process of evolution or a process of de-evolution.

Restore Vs Regeneration

Regenerative development takes a different approach, by asking the question: How can we re-align human activity with the evolution of this ecosystem? How can humans be partners in that evolution?

The answer to that question is different in each unique place. But it’s important to recognize that the question has multiple levels. The first level is a design question—the question of how activities like agriculture, land development, and transportation can be designed to harmonize with and support local natural systems. You might even ask how the activity of restoring the ecosystem itself can be designed so that it can help to transform and build capacity in local people. MORE

The increasing importance of traditional knowledge (TK) of indigenous communities, both in the economy as well as in biodiversity conservation, has attracted the uncompensated use of such knowledge by multinational companies and research organizations for commercial purposes. Numerous cases of biopiracy have highlighted this issue and have increased demands for protection of TK from such misappropriation, causing many biodiversity-rich countries to design and adopt different protective regimes. MORE 

Needs for policy on landscape restoration in India – Ramalingam Ravi and Dharma Rajan Priyadarsanan

Why it is necessary:

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